Reading Crochet Charts

Stitch charts. Crochet diagrams. Crochet charts. Stitch diagrams. These all mean the same thing, a crochet pattern using specific symbols explaining the instructions via imagery instead of written words or abbreviations. For ease of writing I’ll use “crochet charts” to explain how to use these images. Crochet charts are being used more frequently today around … Continue reading Reading Crochet Charts

Making a Granny Square

To make a Granny Square, you will need to know the following crochet skills: slip knot, chain, slip stitch, double crochet and bind off. 1.) Gather the tools and supplies you’ll need. Crochet hook sized to your preference or pattern, scissors, and yarn (one or more depending on your project). You’ll also need a yarn … Continue reading Making a Granny Square